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Volksfiesta 2017

Volksfiesta” – the people’s festival, hosted by Deens Academy is here again!
Our theme this year is ‘Sthairyam’ (Sustainability).
While we languish and draw on the resources that is so abundantly ours , do we pause to note what we leave of our gracious world for our future! A prudent and conscious today , will secure a bountiful and exuberant  morrow – and this is an obligation we have to ourselves!
Volksfiesta strives to kindle a sensibility for Sthairyam through some  invigorating competitions for Kindergarten to Grade12.  Volksfiesta presents an opportunity to showcase talents and build on excellence through competition with the best.
The Deens Academy  invites you to compete with your best and the brightest contingent for the assurance of taking back the glory symbolized by the ‘Volksfiesta Trophy’, on the 18thday of August 2017 at The Deens Academy, Gunjur Road.
It is our pleasure to host you for this event. We will not be competing for any events except sports. Please read through to familiarize yourself with the guidelines  and other arrangements.
Warm Regards,
Ms. Shanthi Menon
The Deens Academy