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DRUG & ALCOHOL AWARENESS: Workshop by  Headmistress Ms Anitha Rani  & Student counsellor Ms Hansa Shaunik
Substance abuse among adolescents has risen a great deal in the past decade. In India, the substance most commonly abused by this age group is Alcohol. Early exposure to such substances increases the likelihood of developing dependence later in life. Since 1980, the age group of individuals coming in for de-addiction at rehabilitation centers has come down from 40-50 years to under 30, many of whom had their first drink at the age of 16.

The workshop conducted for Grade 12 was aimed at addressing this issue by helping students understand how addiction takes place, both at the psychological and the physiological level. The various substances and their harmful effects were also discussed. Through the help of case studies, the effect of media on our choices to experiment with substances was addressed.

As student enter into adulthood, its critical that they make informed decisions when it comes to experimenting with such substances, understanding their harmful effects and knowing how to challenge the forces that push them to experiment (such as stress & peer pressure).

For Grade 10, the workshop primarily focused on alcohol abuse. It aimed at addressing the influence of media on alcohol abuse. The focus was on helping students understand factors like peer pressure, stress and and depression and how they can be tackled in more effective ways.