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Raasta and Naashta- Food and venues of Volksfiesta 2017

Look for exciting updates and insights into Volksfiesta on our facebook page Deens Academy’s Volksfiesta is being held in 2 venues Football – at the Deens Academy Whitefield campus on 16th and 17th August Athletics and Basketball at the Deens Academy Gunjur campus on 17th and 18th August Cultural events for children from Kindergarten to Grade 12 at Deens Academy ... Read More »

Feminism in India- Fad or Fab?

Feminism is defined as the equality between both genders. For a long time, the female population has been oppressed and mistreated. In the modern times, however, women have been fighting this oppression and asking for their rights. This is needed and one rightfully so. Many of us, who live in urban areas, are luckily treated as equals. However, gender discrimination ... Read More »


DRUG & ALCOHOL AWARENESS: Workshop by  Headmistress Ms Anitha Rani  & Student counsellor Ms Hansa Shaunik Substance abuse among adolescents has risen a great deal in the past decade. In India, the substance most commonly abused by this age group is Alcohol. Early exposure to such substances increases the likelihood of developing dependence later in life. Since 1980, the age ... Read More »

Overview of Events

  Sports Events Sport Venue Time date Basketball Deens Academy Gunjur 09:00am 17th& 18th August Football Deens Academy Whitefield 09:00am 16th & 17th August Athletics Deens Academy Gunjur 09:45am 17th & 18th August Cultural events at Gunjur campus on 18th August Name Grade Time 1.Tres Chic Playgroup/Nursery/Prekg 10am 2. Nanhe Kalakaar LKG 11:00a.m. 3. Folk-lure UKG 10:00a.m. 4. Cupalicious Grade ... Read More »

Registration forms for Volksfiesta 2017

SCHOOL ACCEPTANCE AND REGISTRATION Thank you for participating in this Volksfiesta. By registering, you  affirm that you will abide by the competition rules and guidelines.  We believe in fun, free and fair competition.  We are grateful for your participation and will work with you make  it a highly successful event. Steps for your school to register for the competition: Please ... Read More »

Sports Events at Volksfiesta 2017

Sports Events for Boys and Girls Events Schedule Event Name Grade Venue Event Time Basketball 8-12 Deens Academy Gunjur 9.00am on 17th and 18th Aug Football 6-12 Deens Academy Whitefield 9:00 am on 16th and 17th Aug Athletics 6-12 Deens Academy Gunjur 9:45 am on 17th and 18th Aug Read More »

Volksfiesta 2017

Volksfiesta” – the people’s festival, hosted by Deens Academy is here again! Our theme this year is ‘Sthairyam’ (Sustainability). While we languish and draw on the resources that is so abundantly ours , do we pause to note what we leave of our gracious world for our future! A prudent and conscious today , will secure a bountiful and exuberant  ... Read More »

Minutes of PSA meeting on 1st July 2017

Parents School Alliance Minutes of Meeting Conference room, Deens Academy Date: 1st July 2017 Attendees: Ms Shanthi Menon, Mr. Ravikumar Kalaimani, Mr. Varun Rangarajan,Ms. Sindhu R,Mr. Rahul Karangale, Ms. Anshuma Singh, Ms. Deepti Hansaria, Ms. C.Selvamari, Ms. Sabitha Subash, Ms. Nivedita Babu ,Mr. Rajay Kumar C, Ms. Neha Ravichandran,Ms. Raynah Remedios Venue: Conference Room MINUTES OF THE MEETING: Introductions Scope ... Read More »