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CSR Endeavour by Grade 11

Constantly overlooked and undermined, our Constitution has lost a lot of its value which directly impacts its power. The constitution gives us power but if we do not use it, it becomes worthless. It is for the same reason why the Political Science students of grade 11 decided to take up the initiative and help revive the trust we all ... Read More »

Excursion report by MSL Sanjana

GRADE 11 AND 12 EXCURSION–for more pictures click on the image -MSL Sanjana With lush forests, campfire nights and ghost stories, accompanied by a few leeches here and there, 65 students from Grade 11 and 12 embarked on an unforgettable trip to Tusker Valley, in Sakleshpur. A hill station in Karnataka, Sakleshpur is renowned for its thriving biodiversity and luxuriant ... Read More »

Transfer Certificates (TC) issued in 2017-18

Transfer Certificate’s (TC) for DEENS ACADEMY- DISENO: 29200309641 slno Admission number Name of student Parents Name Date of Birth Last class attended TCNO Date of Issue 1 A-126-2007/08 SWAYAM MAHAPATRA LALIT MHAAPATRA 10/12/2004 Grade – 7 TC/2017/001 18/07/2017 2 A-091-2011/12 SWAVAM MAHAPATRA LALIT MHAAPATRA 12/11/2007 Grade – 4 TC/2017/002 18/07/2017 3 A-002-2010/11 AANYA SOMESHWAR BHARATH SOMESHWAR 4/17/2007 Grade – 5 ... Read More »

Research Description and Fellowship Details – Saniya Mohiuddin

Saniya Mohiuddin Batch 2016 Research Topic: Age Difference and the Quality of Mother – Child Relationship: The Child’s Perspective Our research seeks to understand how the relationship between mother and child differs with relation to the age gap between the mother and child. Our hypothesis states that the lower the age gap between the mother and the child the closer ... Read More »

Volksfiesta 2K18 event updates

The Volksfiesta events were envisioned and executed by a team of students from our Senior school. We had over 30 events each unique with creative twist. The editorial team coordinated by Ms MSL Sanjana, have details on the various events that took place on 31st August 2018. We will add the photograph links shortly. FOOTBALL–Rachel Elengical The Football tournament was ... Read More »

Poems by -Mridvika.K

The Misty Little Moon She sits there pretty, She sits there bright, She shines there like a gem In the dark night sky.   But hear her utter, Not a single word. She sits there very grave, Always in a pensive mood.   Her tiny little cousin, Sits by her side. Too lazy to move, Never a speech bubble between ... Read More »

Event Schedule Volksfiesta 2018

Event Schedule is as follows For further queries or assistance please contact through email at or call our Events coordinator Mr Romel Kushalappa-  8747952434 Sports Events Event Name Grade Date Time Venue 1 Swimming 1-5 Wednesday, 29th August 8.30am Deens Academy Whitefield- ECC road 2 Football( boys) 9-12 Thursday , 30th & 31st August 8.30am Deens Academy Gunjur Foot ... Read More »