Report on Volksfiesta 2017

Kindergarten events:  Tres Chic-Krishna Menon The way we cloth ourselves has drastically changed since the pre-modern era. From dresses made of leaves to synthetic mini-skirts – we’ve come a long way by using the resources Mother Nature has provided us with. ‘Tres Chic’ was held in tribute to Mother Nature. It was a fashion show for 3-5 year olds. The ... Read More »

Feminism in India- Fad or Fab?

Feminism is defined as the equality between both genders. For a long time, the female population has been oppressed and mistreated. In the modern times, however, women have been fighting this oppression and asking for their rights. This is needed and one rightfully so. Many of us, who live in urban areas, are luckily treated as equals. However, gender discrimination ... Read More »


DRUG & ALCOHOL AWARENESS: Workshop by  Headmistress Ms Anitha Rani  & Student counsellor Ms Hansa Shaunik Substance abuse among adolescents has risen a great deal in the past decade. In India, the substance most commonly abused by this age group is Alcohol. Early exposure to such substances increases the likelihood of developing dependence later in life. Since 1980, the age ... Read More »

Communique from the Principal’s desk

As we commence brand new academic year at Deens Academy, here is a gist of what was discussed on Orientation day- 27th May 2017 “Every child in our class is someone else’s whole world”, is what we believe at Deens. So as you hand over your whole world to us, we receive them with care and as much appreciation of ... Read More »

Communique from the Prinicipal’s desk

How Important Are Textbooks For Your Child The curriculum at Deens is conceived to cater to the requirement of students and to what is currently operational across academic spheres. We match this to the closest text books available in the market. In keeping with our vision we should like students to explore and discover and not be restricted by these ... Read More »

Orio Confetti

A memoir at the completion of an academic year , an enterprise by the students of Grade 11, The Orio Confetti celebrates the Deens experiences in words and pictures. Aptly  called an explosion of creativity,it is a mix of funny and serious information about the various talents we have at our school. Giving wings to thoughts and imagination. Orio Confetti ... Read More »

President’s Key Note

We take pride in being a truly inclusive school As Deens celebrates a decade of providing quality education and having earned name and plaudits from several educational forums, institutions etc., for the services it has rendered in the field of education, I strongly felt the need to further articulate the School philosophy in respect to children who are differently abled. ... Read More »

Deen-o-logue- March 2016

Presenting the Final Newsletter for the year by Grade 7 Click on the picture below to open PDF Read More »

InoVIT Competition- Vellore

A report by Sebbin Joshy- Grade 10 The experience is one of the most interesting ones of our lives? Certainly We went to the VIT campus by the double decker train with Nikhil sir. The ride to Vellore took 3 hours and we reached there by 6PM. We had kept our expectations a bit too high considering the fact that ... Read More »