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Students Blog

Report on Volksfiesta 2017

Kindergarten events:  Tres Chic-Krishna Menon The way we cloth ourselves has drastically changed since the pre-modern era. From dresses made of leaves to synthetic mini-skirts – we’ve come a long way by using the resources Mother Nature has provided us with. ‘Tres Chic’ was held in tribute to Mother Nature. It was a fashion show for 3-5 year olds. The ... Read More »

Feminism in India- Fad or Fab?

Feminism is defined as the equality between both genders. For a long time, the female population has been oppressed and mistreated. In the modern times, however, women have been fighting this oppression and asking for their rights. This is needed and one rightfully so. Many of us, who live in urban areas, are luckily treated as equals. However, gender discrimination ... Read More »

Orio Confetti

A memoir at the completion of an academic year , an enterprise by the students of Grade 11, The Orio Confetti celebrates the Deens experiences in words and pictures. Aptly  called an explosion of creativity,it is a mix of funny and serious information about the various talents we have at our school. Giving wings to thoughts and imagination. Orio Confetti ... Read More »

Green Tales by Adarsh Suresh

Adarsh Suresh of Grade 6 has always come up with wonderful ideas for community service.  Last year it was “Bag full of joy”. This year it is a a novel idea of circulating books.       Click on the below picture to know more Read More »

Student Project -3 -Adi Kumar

Adi’s-Ultrahand support Problem statement: In case of hand fracture that require cast, typically doctor advises use of shoulder sling to support the fractured hand. This shoulder sling however causes shoulder and neck pain as the weight of the hand and plaster cast has to borne by the shoulder. I had the misfortune of my hand getting fractured, which required me ... Read More »