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Club Activities

Club  Activities 2018-19

Learning and exploration go hand in hand and this is the crux of Education! We believe that children should have as many opportunities as is available to explore their interests and skills. To this end we will offer hobby clubs within school hours for students of grades 4-7, on alternate Fridays of every month, for 1 ½ hours each. These are paid services, facilitated by experts from the field and it is compulsory for every child to be a part of a club.

  NAME batch Name of vendor email
1 CRAFTY HANDS Batch 1 &2 Vasuki Chinnamanthur


2 CHESS Batch 1 &2 S.Subramani
3 PHOTOGRAPHY Batch 1 &2 Praveen Pillay
4 ROBOTICS Batch 1 &2 Jyothi Rajesh
5 BALLET AND JAZZ Batch 1 only Mridula Martis
6 TAEKWONDO Batch 1& 2 Shijith T.K
7 BASKETBALL Batch 1 &2 Pitch sports


Batch 1&2 Harshavardhan,



9 QUIZSHALA Batch 1&2 Walnuts Knowledge Solution
10 SKATING Batch 1&2 Rajashekhar
11 ASTRONOMY Batch 1&2 Anish Kumar
12 CRICKET Batch 1&2 Sportz one sportz1one@


Batch 1&2 Serah John


14 DESIGN THINKING Batch 1&2 Sharan Hegde


POTTERY Batch 1&2 Maya Babu