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Communique from the Prinicipal’s desk

How Important Are Textbooks For Your Child
free-school-boy-carrying-a-pile-of-books-clip-art-117769The curriculum at Deens is conceived to cater to the requirement of students and to what is currently operational across academic spheres. We match this to the closest text books available in the market.

In keeping with our vision we should like students to explore and discover and not be restricted by these text books, though.  Since textbooks are marketed nationally, they carry content which caters to every child in every kind of school, resulting in caches that cover different topics superficially. Some text books present ideas as facts to be accepted, rather than providing a basis for children to think and explore and discover. Many textbooks oversimplify and fragment the subject matter so much that it leaves the child bored or with no avenue to exercise their analytical or creative aptitudes.

We therefore encourage students across grades to leave their text books at home. They will only carry text books for the various language classes each day by the time table.

For this same reason we have done away with text books altogether for computer science, but we will hand over reading material in areas that we deem requires additional information from our end.

Having said that, I do not wish to convey that the textbooks are dysfunctional- they are tools for revision and every child should be encouraged to revisit what has been covered in the classroom using the textbook, each day. It is one resource to acquire knowledge from, but they should not restrict the child’s ability to imagine or explore. Parents should therefore encourage their child to read on from other resources too.

Shanthi Menon