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Research Paper

“Curiosity is free-wheeling intelligence” (Alistair Cooke) and “Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.”

In keeping with the Deens vision we  empower our children from grade 8 onward with the technique of research. We believe that by investigating something they do not know or something of their interest, they will create new knowledge for themselves. This activity goes a long way in honing skills of independence, responsibility, ability to problem solve, etc and in the end this will be an acknowledgement of their perspective.

Students of grade 8 choose a topic of their choice from the subject areas like Indian Music ,Indian Dance, History, Geography, Mathematics, Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Art, Social issues etc..

Each child is assigned a Mentor teacher who will  guide them in their research. Each child will, at the end of the year, present their research paper.