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Academics (Senior Secondary)

The Curriculum for Senior Secondary School is an ingenuously integrated one. The School is tied up with renowned senior educators who develop an integrated curriculum that bridges for the students the gap between grade 10 and senior secondary. This curriculum is also linked to the current requirement of knowledge and skill of a student aspiring for admission into technical higher education. The curriculum sees an annual review aligning it to the changing needs of future requirement of students.

The courses offered are broadly classified as

Science Courses 

S001: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology- PCMB

S002: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science- PCMC

S003: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics-PCME

S004: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Design &Innovation- PCMD

S005: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology- PCMP

S006: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Physical Education PCMPe

S007: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology- PCBP

S008: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Physical Education- PCBPe

Commerce Courses 

C001:  Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Mathematics- AEBM

C002: Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Entrepreneurship- AEBEntre

C003: Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Design & Innovation- AEBD

C004: Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Physical Education- AEBPe

Humanities Courses 

H001: Economics, Psychology, Political Science and Entrepreneurship.- E, PSY, Pol Sc, Entre

H002: Economics,Psychology, Political Science and Design & Innovation  – E, Psy, Pol Sc, D&I

H003: Economics, Psychology, Political Science and Physical Education- E, Psy, Pol Sc, Pe

H004: Economics, Political Science , Entrepreneurship and Business Studies- E, Pol Sc, Entre, BS

H005: English, Political Science, Entrepreneurship, Psychology and Design & Innovation- Pol Sc, Entre, Psy, D&I