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Notes for Parents

  • Bus routes and bus stops once designated, will not be changed. If you need a change of bus route/stop, do send a mail to the Director Facilities at
  • If the bus stop is on an existing route, the change can be made subject to availability of seat. If the detour of the bus causes inconvenience to the route, the change will not be possible.
  • Matrons will not drop or pick up children from the doorstep as they are needed on the bus.
  • Parents are requested to notify the transport department/front office in case they do not require transport for that particular day. To ensure that the change is implemented, please notify the school reception accordingly.
  • Kindergarten:  before 10:30am
  • Grade 1 and above:  before 1:00pm
  • Do not leave a message with the bus driver or matron. Please cooperate with the transport department in this regard to avoid inconvenience to either party or  child.
  • If you would like your child to return home on his/her own from the bus stop, a written letter should be given to the Transport Coordinator.
  • No special recommendations will be entertained for change in bus timings.
  • During school vacations/holidays transport will not be provided to students participating in camps at school.
  • Students who take coaching classes or have been detained in school for extra classes will not be provided with the transport facility before and after school hours.
  • Parents are requested not to give any tips in terms of cash or kind to the bus drivers / bus boys and matrons.
  • Parents should refrain from  calling the bus drivers while they are driving.