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“I am not interested in power for power’s sake,but I’m interested in power that is moral, that is right and that is good.”

At Deens, we empower students with  additional responsibilities, thereby helping them to overcome their fears and emerge as leaders. Being a leader is not about being liked, it’s about doing what is right.  It is rightly said that “a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

The School offers opportunities, within the curriculum, for students to participate in a range of activities like music, dance, yoga, art, craft, drama and theatre, quiz, basketball, cricket, football and athletics.

On entry into grade 1, all students become members of a House to foster a spirit of leadership, cooperation, mutual understanding, tolerance and self-reliance.

Various inter-house activities are organised to build team spirit. The House system gives opportunities to students to participate in inter-house competitions. Each House is led by a House Mistress who oversees the well-being and social development of members of the House. The four Houses have Latin names, each indicating qualities to be valued:–

  • Flavus (yellow-truth)
  • Rubrus (red-strength)
  • Caeruleus (blue-integrity)
  • Prasinus (green-valour)

The Houses are graded in the areas of:

(a) Sports
(b) The Arts
(c) Discipline

House Captains are chosen through a process of secret ballot. The nominees, chosen by the teaching faculty are allowed to campaign for  a week before voting day. The Student Council is then sworn into office in a formal Investiture Ceremony and is responsible for the general discipline of the school.

Following are the members of the student council:

The Team for 2018-19 are as follows

slno Designation Name
1 President of the Student council Advait Nawathe
2 Vice President of the Student council Tharunkumar D
3 Sports Captain Jeetesh Gowder


CAERULEUS HOUSE                    
Designation Name
House captain Manas Murthy
Vice Captain Nihal Tiwari
Cultural Minister Zubin Ronnie
Discipline Director Nilanjana Dutta
Editor Maitrayee Gadgil
Prefects Diya Jaychandran,Tejas Murthy,Arhaan Khan, Maheen A Attar,Yuvika Chauhan,Anindita Saha
Designation Name
House captain Puja Chand
Vice Captain Vedanta Tripathi
Cultural Minister Vaishnavi Babu
Discipline Director Anikait Nair
Editor Rohini Indurthi
Prefects Nibha Singh, Sanskruti S Rajan, Navya Goel,Manjari Pathak,Vidwaan Singhania, Manav Ajith
PRASINUS HOUSE                    
Designation Name
House captain Samar Bamel
Vice Captain Tanay Vidhyadhar
Cultural Minister Ankita Nair
Discipline Director Vraj Desai
Editor Kimara V
Prefects Pradhyumna Reddy, Dhwani Gupta,Komal Shah,Kushal Mittal,Vedant Joshi, Anwesha R
FLAVUS HOUSE                      
Designation Name
House captain Devanshi Bhagchandani
Vice Captain Rishika Kinger
Cultural Minister Niu Meizi
Discipline Director Arushi Tanvi
Editor Antara Naik
Prefect Ojas Baranwal,Shreya Bhatla,Vaibhav G Prasad, Nakul Y. Kamath,Arushi Semwal,Priyamvada BP